I am running for the Upper Arlington City Council for the same reason I applied for the vacant seat on council: to move UA forward in all ways. Through my service to Upper Arlington, I have developed a reputation for being a fair, honest, trustworthy, and hardworking community leader.

I have a proven track record of inspiring through vision, bringing people together, finding common ground, and accomplishing goals. My work has always included fiscal responsibility and financial stewardship. I hope to take this experience and, with your help, move forward the excellence and traditions that have defined UA for the last 100 years.

A New Day for UA.

Improving Public Trust:

Sue Ralph is determined to expand trust in our city government by creating greater transparency and accountability. Together, we will create new and more meaningful communication structures between council, city leadership and our citizens. We must continue to prioritize our needs in Upper Arlington. Alongside my fellow City Council members, we will maintain our tradition of high standards for financial accountability and fiscal responsibility. Financial stewardship will guide our decisions.

Supporting Health & Safety:

Health and safety in UA are at the heart of what makes our city great and are our hallmarks. All decisions must focus on supporting the health and safety of our children and our citizens including infrastructure, public services, police and fire departments and social services. Planning new, or reviewing existing projects or programs must include expert advice, citizen input and community needs. Our goal must be to not only maintain but to seek to improve these important services.

Looking Forward:

Together we will frame our vision for UA's next century. We are a land-locked community. Wise and thoughtful use of our existing land is vital. We must continue to find ways to improve our quality of life and maintain our financial stability with wise, balanced and community driven economic development and community amenities. All development including commercial development, improvements to our parks, city projects and programs must enrich our exceptional city, be need-driven and financially sustainable, ever guided by transparency and citizen input.

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Why we support Sue

Elaine Buck

Clairmont Rd

As a lifetime resident of Upper Arlington, it has been my privilege to work with Sue on a number of projects. Sue is a highly competent consensus builder with a passion for the community. She's no stranger to hard work, but rather embraces and manages challenging issues with care and grace. Sue is a good listener and an independent thinker, who will listen carefully and give consideration to all sides before coming to a decision. She is a person of integrity and vision. I have the upmost confidence in Sue's capabilities, and honestly can't imagine a person more well-suited to serve the citizens of this very special community.

Bill Kraft

Waybourn Rd

Sue Ralph is an engaged, dedicated, committed public servant. There is no question that she would always be prepared, would listen fairly to all sides of an issue and always do in her heart what was best for the city and residents of Upper Arlington!

Debbie Holstein

Fountaine Dr

I had the pleasure of working with Sue for several years when she was the Executive Director of the UACF. Sue has a tremendous work ethic, as well as the imagination to generate creative ideas to help a group achieve its objectives. I believe Sue's warm, generous, caring personality, along with her deep and passionate love for the UA community, uniquely position her to make progress for our community on City Council. While Sue is open minded and highly collaborative, do not be fooled by her beautiful exterior--her experience as an advocate for her cherished special needs daughter, of whom she is fiercely protective, has provided her with the tools to stand her ground and do what it takes to get results. I am honored to be able to endorse Sue to represent our community, and I know she will dedicate herself to the task of helping our residents come together to honor our traditions and prepare for the future.

Christine Vineis

I support Sue Ralph for her vision and forward-thinking approach to service on City Council. Sue is highly motivated and committed to the City and its residents. She listens well with an intent to hear from everyone. She asks questions including: what can Upper Arlington city government do better? What "stretch" goals/actions should be investigated by the City as long as they are responsibly and financially doable? With such a rich history and quality of life, what characteristics differentiate life in Upper Arlington and therefore, should be celebrated in policy, infrastructure, services and City culture? With an open mind and fresh perspective, Sue Ralph has my vote to remain on City Council, to remain as one of 7 architects for a brighter Upper Arlington!

Priscilla Mead

Sue brings the perspective of one who works with and listens to all sides of community issues. She is an outstanding partner, a doer. She sets her goals firmly, then listens to and responds to us stakeholders. She believes that only together can we build solutions that last. She knows that the way Council and the City do things truly matters. Sue says that only by working together -- residents, City and Schools, community organizations - does Upper Arlington succeed. I am voting for a consensus builder, a listener, a person motivated by service not ego. Join me to send a clear message to Council, the community and Central Ohio that Upper Arlington's all-for-one and one-for-all spirit is alive and well.

John Easton

I have worked with Sue for a number of years on several key UA projects and committees. She has good leadership skills plus Sue has demonstrated to me her capability to identify important projects and accomplish results. I support her election.